Informatization auditing initial deterrent effect

Postdate: 2016-11-08

Some people have a car, but in the information registration has not been declared; was a family of four, housing living area of 106 square meters ... ... staff through the computer network system, enter the query conditions, the name of a car, housing a larger area , Pension, household income exceeding the protection of housing applications, etc. do not meet the conditions of the information, all marked on the screen.


This is the staff of the audit team to demonstrate the data screening platform for journalists scene. Currently located in Changchun Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs of the information on the platform in the examination of the protection of housing applications for families and families with minimal needs to play an important role. Due to social security, wages, tax and other information real-time transmission to the platform, greatly reduced the fake space, lucky muddle through the clearance and therefore greatly reduced.


In the field of social security audit, information-based audit is an indispensable means. Audit Department of Social Security official told the "Outlook" Newsweek, a large amount of social security fund data, in the past need to manually collect the data to the scene, and then back to the computer server for comparison analysis. In this process, also related to the data table name and field code compiled transaction. This model is not only inefficient, but also easy to go wrong. After the realization of networked audit, the relevant data is automatically transferred to the audit data center, no longer need to complex data conversion, auditors can use the generated base table can be audited.


The extensive use of networked auditing makes the performance of audit supervision greatly improved. It is precisely because of the audit means to keep pace with the times, audit supervision in punishing corruption, promoting reform, to ensure the smooth flow of government decrees and maintain social fairness and justice has played a greater role. Network audit deterrence is becoming increasingly prominent.


Audit in the Audit Commission Liu Jiayi view, the audit information technology, to enhance the audit capacity and technical level, to promote the national innovation system, more effectively play the role of national audit in promoting the improvement of national governance has laid a solid foundation.


Information on non-compliance for those out


"The large amount of social security audit funds, involving a wide range of people involved and the relevant departments of the increasing degree of information management and other characteristics of the decision in the field of social security conditions must also be extensive and in-depth to carry out computer audits . "Urban security housing project tracking audit, is a vivid case of information audit.


The face of a huge number of protection of the population, how to identify who meet the conditions who do not meet the conditions? Home survey is one of the means. "But this audit can check the scope is very small." Audit Commission sent the audit team of Jilin on the "lookout" Newsweek reporter said that even if the use of various audit power, an audit can check the 3000 on the good. According to 2011 362,700 sets of Jilin start the task count, the review of the 3000 object is less than 1% of the total, limited coverage.


Not only that, the auditors said that even if the household survey, due to unfamiliar and other reasons, it is difficult to identify the problem. "For example, his family has a car, you do not open up when you do not know back or hide the family income, love to work do not tell you, you do not know.


In the protection of room allocation, the security room for family conditions will be publicity, but the publicity can achieve the effect is also very obvious. A housing security cadres, said, "residents living in urban areas, the same unit may not know each other, publicity of the family situation, even if there are not eligible, and other residents do not necessarily understand each other very familiar with the possible But also due to sensibilities, so little publicity received a report of the situation.


Audit audit team sent to the audit staff of Jilin told the correspondents, affordable housing project wide area, involving thousands of households, to the traditional manual audit has brought great challenges. To the traditional family of ten million households to adopt the manual audit and home verification methods, not only the workload, accuracy is poor, and the coverage is small, limited sampling is difficult to draw a comprehensive and objective audit conclusions.


In order to improve audit efficiency and reduce audit cost and risk in a limited time, the audit team extensively used computer auditing methods in the auditing of affordable housing projects, and continuously deepened the improvement and achieved better results.


Specific operation, the auditors innovative computer data than the verification method to the object of housing security name and identity card number as the main associated conditions, the housing security system to register the basic information, and vehicle management, property management, taxation and other departments Registration of vehicles, housing, tax, business registration information to compare, to verify the security room of the object of the property and income compliance with the security room access standards.


"This method to help auditors in a relatively short period of time to effectively examine the non-eligible families to enjoy affordable housing and other issues." The auditors said.


On the basis of the audit work, the audit team of Changchun City, the work of low-income families identified the work of the proposed rectification and suggestions to promote the establishment of Changchun City, including household registration management, vehicle purchase registration, housing property registration, industrial and commercial tax registration data, including data comparison Information system. As a result, the means of informatization auditing were formally transferred to the management of local government departments.


Benefit from the promotion of information audit, Changchun City in 2012 do not meet the conditions to enjoy the number of affordable housing families decreased significantly over the previous year, down 75%.


Get rid of the audit of the "slash and burn" model


"To make sense of the situation, soberly to speed up the construction of information technology audit is to adapt to the rapid development of information technology is an inevitable choice, not to develop information technology will be discarded by the times." At a meeting, Liu Jiayi cautioned around the audit cadres.


From the reality, information technology is an unprecedented influence, spread and penetration, irresistible to change the social economic structure, mode of production and each person 's way of life. With the continuous improvement of the level of national economic information, the national e-government has been rapid development of audit information construction also need to adapt to quickly follow up.


Liu Jiayi believes that, in this trend, the audited units continue to adopt new technologies, information systems are increasingly complex, the rapid growth of data, requiring managers and managers, auditors and audited objects used by the tools must be in the same amount Level, in order to adapt to each other, the formation of effective supervision and control relationship.


"In such a context, there is no audit of the information, there is no audit management of digital, is tantamount to the new situation," slash and burn. "If you can not take advantage of the trend in the information technology, it may be the tide of the times We must firmly grasp the information technology initiative, and strive to seize the audit development of the breakthrough point and commanding point. "Liu Jiayi said.


Compared with the new requirements of the new situation, the audit work in addition to the arduous task and limited audit power, but also faced with the rapid development of information technology and the complex structure of talent shortage, the current level of technology is difficult to meet the massive data processing needs of the two contradiction. In response to these challenges, Liu Jiayi believes that the only way to speed up the audit information construction, through information technology, digital, improve audit supervision, process control, decision support capacity and organ affairs management capabilities.


Increasingly heavy audit tasks on the audit work "forcing" pressure, and to adapt to the needs of the situation, change the mode of audit development requirements, have made the Audit Commission to speed up the audit information construction in an important position. Some major special audit can be completed in the short term, it is thanks to the support of information-based audit.


An intuitive example is the government debt audit conducted in 2013. In the two-month period, the audit department audited a total of 62,215 government departments and agencies, 7170 financing platform companies, 68,621 funding subsidy institutions, 2235 public utilities and 14219 other units, involving more than 730,000 projects , More than 2.45 million debt. Such a short period of time to complete such a huge workload, no information support is impossible to achieve.


In sharp contrast, in 1998 the organization of the national food financial account clean-up audit, audit the total amount of more than 2,700 billion yuan, because only by hand to do, spent 57,000 people took 9 months before carry out.


"From the situation of these years, where all the audit work well, the development of audit information construction is very good, the importance of the audit information awareness is also in place; all the audit information construction done a good place, the effectiveness of the audit On the contrary, those who do not recognize the importance of the construction of the audit information where the construction of audit information made a relatively poor, and thus affect the level of the audit work to improve. "Liu Jiayi said.


The formation of a powerful deterrent to crime


"Inventory of nearly 10 years of audit practice, many hidden dangers rely on computer audit revealed that many major cases clues are verified by high-tech means can be said that there is no audit of the rapid development of information, there will be much to audit work Today. "Auditor General of the Audit Committee in the evaluation of information on the results of this audit.


He further pointed out that in the construction of auditing information, driven by the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the national audit institutions in the basic staffing situation unchanged, the number of audit units increased by 14.6%, by auditing to promote increased revenue and expenditure increased 327 %, The transfer of clues to improve 109%, to promote the improvement of various types of systems increased by 40%.


Based on the modern information technology and methods, the national audit can realize the audit information to the executive system through the effective access to the relevant information of the execution system, comprehensive analysis of various types of information, revealing and evaluating the major problems, management loopholes, prominent contradictions and potential risks The rapid feedback and rectification tracking, to make timely decision-making system to improve the institutional mechanisms of the proposal.


The financial audit data analysis platform developed by the auditing department is composed of five modules, namely, overall analysis, query analysis, early warning analysis, tracing tracking and system management. The system is powerful and covers almost every business of the bank.


In the past three years, a total of more than 90 pieces of clues have been investigated and dealt with in various economic cases. Among them, the investigation involved in bond trading, online gambling, false invoices, high interest loans, illegitimate Fund raising and fund abnormal flow of non-traditional cases of fraudulent loans accounted for financial audit of all cases accounted for 75% of the cases.


Specific to the 2013, the audit found a total of commercial banks, securities companies and other financial institutions to facilitate the use of his staff to facilitate illegal operations, embezzlement of state-owned assets, transmission of huge interests and serious dereliction of cases clues more than involving senior financial institutions and work More than two hundred people.


"In the information society has become an important way of working, lifestyle and management tools in the case, we must rely on information to solve why the audit, relying on what the audit, how to promote good governance of the country's problems." Shi Ai said that in the future Will further enhance the information environment, troubleshooting, revealing the crime, standardize the management capacity for the realization of national good governance to provide more powerful information technology support.


Prior to the deployment of the audit work in 2014, Liu Jiayi made it clear that efforts should be made to achieve the audit supervision "full coverage", according to the law so that all public funds, state assets, state-owned resources under the supervision of the audit, without blind spots and dead, Enhance the deterrence and effectiveness of the audit.